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Big Board filled with charcuterie, cheese, fruit, fresh flowers, quince spread, and gherkins

Boards & More

Flowers are beautiful– but how about edible ones? Our cheese and charcuterie boards make stunning edible gifts and are available for local delivery. Elevate your next get-together with our platters, or impress your guests with our stylish charcuterie cups. Whether you want to treat the office or plan the perfect picnic, our lunch boxes are a snacking essential. Interested in a grazing table? Click here. 

Halloween Special:
Witch Hat Grazing Platter


Get into the spirit of Spooky Season with our festive witch hat grazing platter. This delicious option includes 3 cured meats, 4 cheeses, and all of our handpicked accompaniments—including Jack Skellington-inspired brie and a mini pumpkin olive bowl!. Limited quantities available. Serves 6-8.

Halloween-themed cheese and charcuterie arranged on a witch hat-shaped platter with Jack Skellington Brie and Pumpkin filled with olives
14" Signature Grazing Board with charcuterie, cheese, and accompaniments.


Signature Board 

Our bestselling board for gifting and small gatherings. 4 cheeses and 3 cured meats arranged with accompaniments on a 14" round palm leaf platter. Serves 4-6. 


Big Board


This eye-catching board is the ultimate essential for sharing; filled with 6 cheeses, 5 cured meats, and accompaniments. Arranged on a 22"x12" palm leaf tray. Serves up to 12.

12"x22" Big Board, filled with charcuterie, cheese, fruits, and accompaniments.
10" heart-shaped charcuterie board with cheeses, meats, fruits, condiments, and accompaniments


Heart Board


A 10" heart-shaped platter, perfect for date night, or as a gift to someone special. Includes 4 cheeses, 2 meats, and accompaniments. Serves 2.


Little Board


A small board, packed with flavors! 3 cheeses and 2 cured meats arranged on an 11"x7" tray with accompaniments. Serves 2.

11"x7" small grazing board with cheese and charcuterie
vibrant crudites platter with veggies and hummus


Crudités Platter


An vibrant and artful display of fresh vegetables arranged on a 14" round tray, accompanies with garlic hummus to dip. 


Burrata Caprese Platter


Heirloom tomatoes, creamy burrata & mozzarella,  basil, pesto, with balsamic reduction & Crostini, deliciously displayed on a 14" round tray. 

14" Burrate Caprese Platter with heirloom tomatoes, mozzarella, and pesto
black charcuterie cups filled with cheeses, meats, fruits, and accompaniments


Charcuterie Cups 

$15.00 minimum 8

Handheld charcuterie cups pick up with ease so that your guests can snack as they walk around the room. Filled with cheeses, meats, and accompaniments. Available in different colors. 


Lunch Boxes

$25 minimum 4

Our lunch boxes are the essential grab-and-go option for lunches, picnics, and more. A mouthwatering selection of cheeses, meats, fresh and dried fruits, nuts, and other accompaniments. (Individually-packaged crackers included on the side). 

Individual lunch box filled with cheese, charcuterie, fruit, nuts, and cornichons
5 Foot tall clear wall holding 40 individually-portioned cups of cheese and charcuterie


Charcuterie Cone Wall 


A delicious statement piece for any party! Our charcuterie cone wall stands at 5' tall with a selection of 40 individual cones filled with cheeses, meats, and more.

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