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Grazing Tables

Board & Hungry specializes in towering grazing tables that are perfect for large events and gatherings. These bountiful displays of carefully curated delights will encourage guests to explore a variety of flavors and create a sense of togetherness. Our grazing tables include a decadent selection of cheeses, meats, fresh and dried fruits, crudités, and more. They serve as an edible centerpiece for weddings, celebrations, and corporate events of any kind. Options are available to customize your graze and create a full meal with our catering menu.  

Pricing starting at $27.00/person

Grazing table with towering selections of cheese, charcuterie, crudites, fruit, pastries, and accompaniments.
long grazing table filled with fruits, charcterie, cheese, dolmas, and caprese skewers, lined with flowers and eucalyptus
Vibrant grazing table set up on a tennis court, filled with charcuterie, fruits, crudites, and cheeses.
grazing table set up on kitchen island, filled with fruit, charcuterie, cheese, bread, and dips
grazing table in bright kitchen with charcuterie cups, crudites, lox platter, bagels, cheese, and flowers

How does it work?

  • Depending on the size of your event, it generally takes us 1-2 hours to set up a grazing table. Board & Hungry does not provide the table itself, but we can arrange it on any flat surface of your choosing (dining tables, kitchen islands, wooden slabs). We do not recommend setting up a grazing table outdoors during summer months without a tent or insulation due to food safety concerns. If you are planning an outdoor event, please let us know so that we can chat about options to ensure your grazing experience is safe and smooth. 

  • Light decorative flowers and foliage are included with the grazing table display, but you have the option to enhance your table with more for an additional fee. We recommend this especially for smaller evens to keep the display looking full and abundant. 

  • Our displays provide ample amounts of food for your guests to graze, however, if you're looking for more of a "full meal" experience, you can add on items from our catering menu, or create a food bar with a variety of these selections. 

  • Rental of our boards and equipment is included in the price, and we will arrange a time for you to drop these off to our kitchen after your event at 5755 Mountain Hawk Drive, Santa Rosa CA. 

  • Same or next-day cleanup/pickup of boards and equipment is available starting at an additional fee of $60 + travel from our kitchen. Included with this service are to-go boxes for you or your guests to take any leftover food home. 

  • Our staff is available to stay on-site for your event starting at an additional $60/hr. This includes setup, rearranging, and cleanup. 

  • Failure to return boards and equipment will result in a charge to your payment card for the cost of anything not returned. 

  • If you would prefer not to use our equipment, we can also create a flat grazing table using parchment paper and our compostable platters, which is easy to clean up and does not require returning to our kitchen. 

  • Any questions? Contact us here

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